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The Tradition continues……….

H. Interdonati, Inc. began in 1952 with the tradition of delivering quality pharmaceuticals and fine chemical ingredients at competitive prices.  The mission was simple:  To provide the most reliable, personal service in the industry.  

As consumer tastes changed, so did the demand for new and innovative food and flavor products.   So, in the 1990’s we set out to meet this challenge with the creation of our Flavor Plus Division.   Here our customers can find the raw materials they need to develop great products.  

For six decades, H. Interdonati, Inc. has been sourcing superior products from around the globe.  Our trusted relationships with manufacturers, supply chain specialists and quality control experts enable us to compete in an evolving global marketplace.  We can find our customers the finest ingredients the world has to offer. 

We know timing is crucial to innovation.  At H. Interdonati, Inc., we have the knowledge and expertise to navigate through complex US Customs and FDA procedures.  This experience ensures the smooth transition and timely delivery of goods so our customers always stay one step ahead in the rapidly expanding flavor and fragrance industry.

Whatever your application needs, we can find you the quality ingredients to get the job done.

As a small family owned an operated business, we are proud to continue the tradition. 

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